2014 Dallas GFAF Expo Recap/Review

2014 Dallas GFAF Expo Recap

For starters, I will say there’s not anything I tried that I didn’t like. I was extremely impressed with all the vendors, and I kept wanting to ask, “Where have you been hiding?!” to the brands I hadn’t heard of (which was the majority), because so many of the allergen-free foods I’ve been trying haven’t tasted as great.

I’m really glad I went, because, for two days, I was surrounded by people who understand allergies and the like, and that feeling was amazing — they understood when I said I’m allergic to something, and they didn’t press me to see what it does to me or patronize me, and it’s just a really super-amazing feeling. I learned a lot, and Charlise and I are already planning to attend next year. Continue reading…

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas at What Liz Eats

Next to tamales, chicken enchiladas are my favorite homemade Mexican dish. I don’t eat it often because it’s filled with everything I’m allergic to — like salads are — but when I do, I make sure to enjoy it with warm restaurant-styled refried beans on the side! I’m not a huge fan of Spanish rice, and people look at you weird when you eat white rice with Mexican food. >.>

In 2011, my mom made this ever so often. It quickly became a favorite, and I quickly learned how to make it in a way that I really enjoyed it (#pickyeater). It doesn’t have any of that weird stuff (peppers, tomatoes, etc.) in plain sight, or at all (depending on what seasoning and sauce you use), but it’s super versatile, so you can add what you want.

In 2013, this was a guest post of mine over on Manda’s blog, Break the Sky.

It’s about a $10 meal depending on what ingredients you use, whether you have leftover chicken, whether you buy name-brand items, etc.

As you become more skilled in filling these and getting them into the oven, you’ll find they’re super quick and easy to make! (And you’ll find you’ve memorized the recipe!) Continue reading…