2014 Dallas GFAF Expo Recap/Review

2014 Dallas GFAF Expo Recap

For starters, I will say there’s not anything I tried that I didn’t like. I was extremely impressed with all the vendors, and I kept wanting to ask, “Where have you been hiding?!” to the brands I hadn’t heard of (which was the majority), because so many of the allergen-free foods I’ve been trying haven’t tasted as great.

I’m really glad I went, because, for two days, I was surrounded by people who understand allergies and the like, and that feeling was amazing — they understood when I said I’m allergic to something, and they didn’t press me to see what it does to me or patronize me, and it’s just a really super-amazing feeling. I learned a lot, and Charlise and I are already planning to attend next year. Continue reading…

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas at What Liz Eats

Next to tamales, chicken enchiladas are my favorite homemade Mexican dish. I don’t eat it often because it’s filled with everything I’m allergic to — like salads are — but when I do, I make sure to enjoy it with warm restaurant-styled refried beans on the side! I’m not a huge fan of Spanish rice, and people look at you weird when you eat white rice with Mexican food. >.>

In 2011, my mom made this ever so often. It quickly became a favorite, and I quickly learned how to make it in a way that I really enjoyed it (#pickyeater). It doesn’t have any of that weird stuff (peppers, tomatoes, etc.) in plain sight, or at all (depending on what seasoning and sauce you use.

In 2013, this was a guest post of mine over on Manda’s blog, Break the Sky.

It’s about a $10 meal depending on what ingredients you use, whether you have leftover chicken, whether you buy name-brand items, etc.

As you become more skilled in filling these and getting them into the oven, you’ll find they’re super quick and easy to make! Continue reading…