Hi, GFAF Expo Visitors!

If you’re not from the GFAF Expo and actually need my web dev services, visit liz.pw and look out for Liz and Code to go live 1st December!

I’m Liz, and I’m 23.

I currently maintain three blogs; the fourth blog I run is part of the Better Blogger Network, which is currently in BETA, thus it’s messy. If you’re a brand looking to connect with other bloggers, do let me know by emailing captains[at]mybbn.com, and we can discuss things in detail there!

Aside from What Liz Eats, I help my cousin Charlise out with Crunchy Family and pop in from time to time to talk about allergies and the like.

6birds is my personal blog; the most sponsored content I post there is charity-related, and any brands I mention are usually just because I trust and love them. Posts on What Liz Eats will be linked to on 6birds when new posts go up, so even though this is a fairly new blog, the exposure will be the same. :)

6birds is almost five, thus I’ve been blogging for almost five consecutive years. I recently registered sixbirds.net, for the sake of word-of-mouth advertising, so don’t fret if you forget where it’s used with a “six” or a “6”.

I’m a web developer, [proud] autistic (Aspie!), and a person with a ton of allergies, both food and non-food. I eat on a 4-day rotation diet and avoid peanuts and tree nuts at all costs. Coconut flakes is a rare treat; I cannot have a LOT coconut oil. Soy is rarely consumed.

The further down the ingredients list rotation and other items I don’t necessarily avoid are, the better.

I mostly manage the backend of my cousin Charlise’s blog, Crunchy Family, but sometimes I also post.

For business inquiries, feel free to use the contact form on my blog, as my business blog, Liz and Code, is not yet open. I don’t currently have restrictions, thus I’m open to many things. I’m great with Excel, server management, WordPress… all that jazz. Potential conflict of interest: I work at/for/with HostClearly and direct the Better Blogger Network, a blogging community.

Whether you’re a blogger or a company, I’d love to chat with you if desired! Please allow at least one week max for email replies, as I’m busy-busy-busy during the holidays!

For more information on sponsorships and partnerships, see my Sponsor & PR page.